Commercial window film cuts energy costs.

Windows are notorious energy wasters. Many newer buildings feature Low-E windows but offer little or no solar protection. GraphicsGuys offers commercial window film designed to eliminate hot spots, cut glare, reduce fading and save energy!

Makes energy and security top priority. Commercial window film offers owners and managers a simple way to cut overhead costs. Window film technology allows for heat and glare rejection of up to 79%. This saves significantly on utility bills. In an office, privacy window film is great for meeting rooms. Most importantly, business owners can feel secure knowing security film will protect their inventory against break-ins and natural disasters.

Promotes uniform appearance. With a variety of colors and styles available, interior decorators, property managers and business owners can quickly and effectively create a uniform exterior appearance that can complement any building’s design. If you are looking to update an older building by giving it a more contemporary, symmetrical look, GraphicsGuys Llumar commercial window film is right for you.

Selection ToolUse this Llumar online selection tool to help make your commercial window tint decision.