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The New Yellow!

Take a moment to admire the stunning beauty of this 2015 Mustang. It has been wrapped in a remarkable vinyl material, the 3M1080 Series in Satin Bitter Yellow. 3M produces top-quality vinyl that gives a great finish to the overall look of the vehicle. This wrap is unique in that it allows the original dark blue paint of the car to shine through in certain lighting conditions, giving it a truly mesmerizing effect. Additionally, this vinyl wrap material reveals a beautiful array of greens, golds, and yellows when exposed to different lighting situations, making it an absolute showstopper. Give us a call and we will talk you through your next color.


The good news is that the 1080 series is the perfect choice for a solid color wrap that delivers excellent results with proper installation, so you can be confident that your Mustang will look stunning for years to come. If you’re looking to give your vehicle a custom graphic treatment, Graphics Guys has covered you with an almost endless range of colors and textures. So why not visit us today and take a closer look at the vast selection of custom wraps available to take your car to the next level? Who knows, you could drive away with a completely new car, color.

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