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Two 2015 Chevy Corvettes wrapped in gold and silver Avery Chrome vehicle vinyl sure have been turning heads around Austin and Central Texas. GraphicsGuys wrapped two 2015 Chevrolet Stingray Corvettes, pretty much back to back. Another example of our fast superior customer service. We spent about four days per ‘Vette, and the results are stunning. And our customers are ecstatic! To see more images, check out our Gallery page.

GraphicGuys Tip:

Chrome is a premium quality specialty film designed for use in vehicle and graphics projects where high-end chrome accents are desired. It’s is a delicate material and should be handled by skilled vehicle wrap installers like our team at GraphicsGuys. It’s easy to stretch, fog and scratch during installation. Laminate is a must. Check with our GraphicsGuys team about installing and laminating your chrome.